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Image Processing Functions : Web FX : Bill Kendrick 제작 : 웹상에서의 그래픽 효과 생성기이다. 즉 그림이 있는 URL을 표시하고 48 가지의 효과를 선택 하고 배경색과 intensity 를 선택하면 해당 그림에 반영되는 것을 볼 수 있다. 따라서 그림을 다운받을 필요도 없고, 플러그인 이나 자바도 필요하지 않다. 새롭게 그려진 그림은 당신의 컴퓨터에 저장되거나 file attachment 로 e-mail 로 보내질 수도 있다 ........  Web FX examples(★)

Computers Watching Football : MIT media lab 의 Vision and Modelling Group : Publication

Medical Vision Group : MIT AI LabSurgical Planning Lab of Brigham and Women's Hospital 의 협동 : The goal of our group is to develop new algorithms for medical image analysis and visualization of medical imagery, as well as to build vision based systems for surgical navigation and surgical planning. This page contains links to various projects carried on by the group, as well as the web pages of the group members. The projects are clustered into three categories:  Image Guided Surgery  Medical Image Analysis  Visualization

Virtualized Reality : CMU Vision and Autonomous Systems Center : Virtualized Reality technology points a set of cameras at an event, and allows the viewer to virtually fly around, and watch the event from completely new positions. In a football game, you could watch the game from the point of view of the quarterback!  Read on for more technical details. ...  Computer Vision Handbook

Face Recognition

Amerinex Applied Imaging Inc : Amerinex Applied Imaging is a company specializing in computer vision products, engineering and research. We employ a dedicated staff of professionals who design, develop and maintain products and systems. We also contract with the government and commercial institutions to develop solutions to image understanding problems.