Expert System Demo


Projects of Historical Interest : MYCIN

Electronic Steering and control system (Mercedes)

Easy Diagnosis medical diagnosis system

Screening applications

Shyster: a pragmatic legal expert system(Australian National University)

Expert System Demos : Acquired Intelligence Inc

The Whale Watcher

The Whale Watcher expert system combines artificial intelligence, marine biology and web technology to produce an interactive system that helps you with whale identification. Try it out – you may find it interesting, useful and entertaining. You may also want to download a copy for yourself.

Douglas-Fir Cone and Seed Insects System

This diagnostic system is intended to assist seed orchard managers and cone and seed collectors, dealers and researchers in the identification of insects associated with Douglas fir cones. The system applies available research, operational knowledge and a diverse literature to provide a diagnostic tool. It is hoped that the system will be a useful tool in the evaluation and assessment of cone crops and in the training of foresters interested in conifer cone and seed pests. Comments and suggestions on this prototype are welcomed. Partial funding for this extension project was provided by Forest Renewal BC.

The Graduate Admissions Screening System

The Graduate Admissions Screening System demonstrates the use of ACQUIRE® with an administrative screening task - the categorization of student applications for admission to graduate school. Try it out, but note that GPA is based on the Canadian 9 point scale rather than the American 4 point scale.

Instructor Duty Advisory Module On-Line Demo (EXSYS) : This company has been integrated into MultiLogic.

ICaR (ICaR Systems) : Legal expert systems consulting and reasoning on US tax questions.

Instant Traveling Expert Advice Demo (Instant Traveling Expert Advice) : fuzzy expert system shell

KnowMan on the Internet (Intellix A/S) : Demonstrations of our intractive knowledge mapping technology and experience how it works on the Internet.

DoctusC Knowledge-Based System Shell (IQConsulting) : DoctusC Knowledge-Based System Shell is capable for Rule-Based Reasoning (RBR) using deduction and for Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) using induction. In induction there is also a possibility of creation of a new Rule-Based Knowledge-Base using reduction.

Web Demos (Logic Programming Associates LTD - LPA) : Web based demos of expert systems which solve the traveling salesman problem, determine the phase of the moon, and select meals.

SID Inquisitor Bebo 5000 (Robitron Software Research, Inc. - RSR) : On-line artificial intelligence chat system.

JESS - Java Expert System Shell (Sandia National Laboratories) : Here Jess is solving 'Monkey and Bananas', a classic AI planning exercise. A monkey in a room full of chests, keys, and ladders, along with some hidden fruit, is trying to satisfy her hunger, equipped only with a set of heuristics for manipulating objects. Push a button to find your favorite fruit. The flashing lights correspond to events within the system: rules firing, facts being asserted, etc.

Exsel (Texas A&M University - TAMU) : Online Expert System for Brush and Weed Control Technology Selection for the state of Texas.

Expert Systems Demos (Texas Tech University - TTU) : A radar setup time expert system and a wetlands foraging expert system are demonstrated. These are examples of expert systems that use decision matrices.

OSHA Expert System Applications on the Web (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration - OSHA)