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Prolog study of Oxford                      

AI Programming (Prolog) : 버클리 대학

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PPT : 배재대

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news group (Google) : comp-lang-prolog 의 prolog

CMU Prolog Repository  : free/shareware Prolog implementations      


Prolog Programming for AI (3rd ed.) : Ivan Bratko : Jozef Stefan Institute (슬로베니아) :

Prolog Programming: A First Course : on-line book by Paul Brna.

Logic, Programming and Prolog : on- line book by Ulf Nilsson and Jan Maluszynski.

Logic programming books and Prolog programming books listed by

Logic programming books in MIT press

Window on PC에서 사용가능한 prolog compiler

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server . Commercial implementation for embedding Prolog in other tools. See Prolog information and demos and samples.

ADA Prolog (fairly slow) and ESL Prolog (good, fast). (See contents for full list.)

LPA WIN-Prolog is a commercial implementation available

Qu-Prolog. symbolic computation for mathematical notations and specification languages such as Z

Strawberry Prolog freeware Prolog compiler

Trinc-Prolog. An object-oriented Prolog

Visual Prolog from the Prolog Development Center  freeware version.

ALS Prolog compiler from Applied Logic Systems, Inc.

Quintus Prolog. For Unix and MS Windows.

SWI-Prolog. For Unix and MS Windows.